Why Choose Us

management through guidance & enrichment

Giving workers the proper skillset they need and they will carry out the skills they get. Ensuring the workers are doing the appropriate steps and correct procedure. Technical Handling, ensuring our workers are well trained in handling types of equipment on sites such as handling equipment with the right method, knowledge remedy and maintenance techniques on types of equipment and drilling precision with proper handling techniques.


The best form of safety is by having the habit to adopt it. Always wear a safety harness when doing work at heights. Ensuring rest and proper welfare to the workers will have energy, hence produce a positive working experience and make work a more enjoyable process.


Our experience

Before the company was incorporated, the founders had been working in the construction field for over 30 years. Today, bringing over half a century of experience, Sunpeak Construction (Pte) Ltd specialises in residential housings from condominiums to apartments to niche private housing

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Details in work

A good detail is what differentiate between a good and a brilliant work.

Quality excellence

Our projects have gained gratifying recognition in quality excellence through the BCA Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) Additionally, we has been awarded the Construction Excellence 2000 by BCA and the ISO 9001:2000 and OHSAS 18001:1999 certifications. We believe in adopting international standards of excellence in workplace safety, structural integrity and construction quality to showcase to our partners that we have the highest standards in all our work.

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